This Year's Hottest Fall Nail Colors, Ranked by the Experts

"Every season has a neutral trend, and fall 2023 is espresso," says Remark.

Classic and flattering on all skin tones and nail types, it delivers the coziest holiday sensations.

This polish color steams, as its name implies! Remark: "A dark chocolate nail is perfect for when you wanna wear a nude, but not subtle."

So, get Essie's cold Take The Express-O or warmer No To-Do, according to Remark. 

Raw Cocoa by Sally Hansen is another lighter beige.

When the fall leaves change color, do the same! It's time to embrace autumn, from wearing comfortable sweaters to changing your hair color. 

The easiest and most effective way to do that is to replace out your nail paint bottles for the latest colors. 

Remark says, "Like leaves, fall nail color trends desaturate and deepen. Traditional fall hues are cherry red, navy, deep brown, or gray."

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