The Romantic Zodiac Signs, Ranked From Most to Least

The world of romance and dating may be a minefield of red flags, horror stories,

and overall incompatibility at times. If you've had enough of bad dates and are ready 

to give up on love, consult the zodiac signs and their unique relationship styles (via Greatist).

Of course, people's perceptions of romance vary (according to The Conversation). Some zodiac signs 

have an intrinsic aptitude to woo and captivate their meant, while others lack even the most basic romantic instincts.

Certain signs are more likely to plan romantic dates or unforgettable vacations, 

while others prefer to lavish their loved one with gifts. There is no correct or incorrect way to be.

Knowing your partner's astrological sign, on the other hand, might provide significant insight

into their love and relationship style and save you a lot of misery down the road.

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or just starting out, this guide ranks the zodiac signs from most romantic to least romantic.

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