The Pisces Full Blue Moon Will Feel Like a Tsunami for These 4 Zodiac Signs

The full moon, which manifests all of its celestial glory every 28 days, makes a dramatic entry in the night sky. You can actually feel its strength flowing through your spirit as it floods the universe with its blazing, ethereal brightness.

Additionally, there is a good probability that the experience will alter you in some way if you belong to one of the zodiac signs that are most impacted by the full moon.

The moon, who governs your inner self, and the sun, who governs your outer self, are always in opposition when a full moon occurs, which causes inner turmoil and compels you to act.

Deeply buried feelings frequently bubble to the surface like a volcano eruption, and significant epiphanies frequently occur at this time as well.

What are your goals, Gemini? Want to be famous for what? What will you show the world? The full moon in Pisces illuminates your 10th house of career and reputation, revealing your social status, income, and global impact.


Sun returns remind you to be confident and tolerant. The Pisces full moon emphasizes one-on-one relationships. This lunar event in your seventh house of friends, adversaries, spouses, besties, and business partners makes you evaluate your relationships.


So hard have you worked to advance your job and achieve more success. But winning the game isn't everything, especially if you're hiding personal issues as a workaholic or success tale.


This magnificent full moon is for Pisces. Your words and actions are being watched by everyone! This full moon spotlights your first house of self, encouraging you to examine who you are and will become. You change after mistakes.


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