The Most Beautiful Wedding Nails for Every Type of Bride

"To ensure the freshest manicure possible for your big day, it's best not to get your nails done (or do them yourself) more than three days before," Sally Beauty DIY nail specialist Juli Russell tells Glamour.

 This also indicates they'll be ready for pre-wedding activities.”

Russell advises against getting your nails done too soon because it can promote obvious growth and damage, so use gloves when cleaning dishes to keep your mani fresh for the wedding.

Bridal manicures allow for nail art and designs.

The glazed donut nail is popular with brides because it adds a little sparkle to neutral nails and makes them more trendy without adding too much "Ganzorigt explains.

“I've also been getting requests for French nail designs with different color combinations or restructured designs instead of the traditional white tip.”

We have wedding nail designs for any bride, from basic white and minimalist chic to pastel French and more.

Ombré nails. Reynolds claims the approach is "more subtle, giving a softer end result." Also, milky white ombré is lovely.

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