The majority of dog owners believe their dogs enjoy a more social life than they do.

According to a new survey, 6/10 dog parents think their pets have as active social lives as they do.

The recent poll of 2,000 dog owners discovered that 34% think their dog makes friends easier than they do.

Most dogs create friendships like ours 62% of those asked stated their dog has friends and “frenemies.”

The data also show that 52% of dogs have a best friend and 49% have a partner or girlfriend.

The OnePoll survey for PetSafe showed that dog parks are magical locations for dog friendships (43%).

Dog parks connect parents and dogs to their communities. These locations help 39% of dog parents feel more connected to their neighborhood.

On average, dog owners have formed three pals because their pets met.

Some dog owners make dog parks a habit. They take their pets to the park four times a week.

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