The Dendera Dating Controversy

Napoleon set sail across the Mediterranean in 1798, accompanied by a troop of 50,000 soldiers and 151 academic volunteers, in search of power.

In order to compete with British worldwide expansion by colonizing a portion of northern Africa,

this operation was criticized by Napoleon's detractors as being costly and poorly planned. However,

his idea was an exciting chance for those in the academic group. They spent 30 days on the emperor's ship before disembarking in Alexandria while Horatio Nelson's British fleet pursued them.

This multidisciplinary team of experts looked into every facet of Egyptian civilization they could find over the course of the following three years.

Even if roughly 25% of them passed away during the following several years, from their point of view,

Napoleon's expedition produced thorough knowledge on a place that was essentially unknown to Europeans.

The disgruntled soldiers, on the other hand, grumbled vehemently about the oppressive heat and filth,

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