The Cowboys' Jets task has changed drastically from Week 1.

After the Dallas Cowboys humiliated the New York Giants, the New York Jets may be a reworking of that script. 

The Cowboys have been surprised by backup quarterbacks and lesser rosters before.

They must stay focused and not make many mistakes to give the home opening visitors a chance.

Because the Buffalo Bills done it, the Jets enter AT&T Stadium with a 1-0 record like Dallas.

Check out these items for the second game of the season.

No one can talk about playing the New York AFC without mentioning Aaron Rodgers' season-ending Achilles injury. 

His anticipated presence made this game exciting before the season. 

Rodgers dashed Cowboys fans' expectations with the Green Bay Packers, sometimes with heroics to win.

He was the 2023 Dallas defense's first serious test.

Instead, the Cowboys play the Zach Wilson-led Jets.

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