The Best Zodiac Sign National Forest

Aries are eager, confident, and optimistic, therefore their presence sparks something special. Klamath National Forest is perfect for Aries to explore their nature.


Taurus is reliable, loyal, and practical, with a realistic perspective. This Earth sign should be suitable with Sequoia National Forest, which has the most big sequoia groves in the world.


Geminis are kind and adaptable. They're curious and quick learners who want to see the world. The Angeles National Forest resembles a Gemini. The 700,000-acre forest is Los Angeles' backyard playground for citizens and visitors.


Cancers are loyal, sensitive, and inventive, making them great best friends. They're water signs, thus Six Rivers National Forest suits them. The 974,612 acres of highlands go 140 miles south from Oregon to Mendocino County.


Warm-hearted Leos accomplish everything. The spectacular and self-confident fire sign can unite people and lead them to Mendocino National Forest, California's only national forest without a road or highway, seeking peace and quiet.


Explore Los Padres National Forest for Virgos. Big Sur and the Transverse Ranges cover 1.75 million acres of rugged central California coast. Attention to detail will provide Virgos beach sceneries and towering conifers, oaks, and redwoods—heaven.


Libras seeking balance in life and nature are kind and fair. This astrological sign will have a wonderful hike in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest to achieve this. The largest national forest in California has five wilderness zones.


Water signs Scorpios are passionate, resourceful, and bold, making them outstanding leaders. They are decisive and enjoy the outdoors. Scorpios wishing to escape to nature should visit Stanislaus National Forest.


Sagittariuses are idealistic, generous, and funny and want to travel the world to find purpose. San Bernardino National Forest is great for perfectionist fire signs to find what they need.


The most disciplined sign is Capricorn. The earth sign is independent and real, allowing them to lead. Capricorns can be themselves in nature at Eldorado National Forest.


Progressive and free-spirited Aquarius. Their spirits require time alone, away from the turmoil, as air signs. Fortunately, the Sierra National Forest is great for leisure and relaxation.


Unlike other horoscopes, Pisces are creative, intelligent, and wise. Like the Inyo National Forest, this water sign endures. Mono Lake, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and the Mammoth Lakes Basin are in the 165-mile forest in California-Nevada.


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