The American bully XL controversy is a harsh reminder of the tense relationship between canines and people.

These descriptions show a wolf-whistle enjoying the excitement of taming a ferocious animal. 

A dog with the power to unleash a force no man can hold may appeal to a confident person.

It also serves as a clear representation of impotence. 

In these conditions, owning a bully XL is probably more about dominating a powerful animal than frightening others.

Like those clips of lions reuniting with their parents years after being released into the wild, sweetness and “68kg of solid muscle” give a satisfying payoff.

In every reunion, onlookers feel sick as the animal runs up to the person, wondering if he will lick him or bite off his head.

The number of mistreated dogs at animal shelters shows that people injure dogs more than dogs harm people.

This may be a natural tendency, considering the ancient affinity between dogs and people, but we may not always recognize its limitations.

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