Secrets of Saturn Retrograde in Vedic Astrology.

Your professional life becomes chaotic when Saturn Retrograde decides to rest for a time in the first house of astrology.

A person becomes more money-minded when Saturn retrograde enters the second house.

All of the positive things heading your way are delayed by Saturn's retrograde in the third house.

Saturn Retrograde's placement in the fourth house of astrology bestows wisdom and wit on the individual.

It's all about outshining yourself with the aid of your sharp mind with Saturn Retrograde in the 5th House. 

Saturn retrograde makes you slightly more conscious of others around you while it travels through your sixth house.

It may be a great opportunity to push yourself outside of your comfort zone with Saturn retrograde in the seventh house.

Do you know that according to astrology, it is not good for a person when Saturn makes a retrograde entry into the eighth house?

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