Red Sox's $331M Move Fails, Yankees Close in on Humiliating Sweep

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox renewed their rivalry in a historic season.

Both teams have suffered surprising losses this season, but their games remain intense.

Their recent fight proved this.Tuesday's game seemed to favor the Red Sox, but a strategy change set up a Yankee comeback.

Boston manager Alex Cora wanted to use star player Rafael Devers strategically.

Holding Devers until the eighth inning was a calculated decision many believed would help Boston win.

This seemingly perfect plan took an unexpected turn. Matt Bowman, who hadn't pitched since 2019, gave Devers an intentional walk to avoid a fight.

This move changed everything.The Yankees also took advantage of the Red Sox's seeming weakness with runners in scoring position.

This and Bowman's smart play left Boston trying to regain their footing.

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