Pumpkin Treat Matches With Each Zodiac Sign's Personality

It's virtually October now that we've reached the dog days of summer, so pumpkin spice season is in full swing.

It's no secret that the selection of pumpkin spice products can be somewhat overwhelming,

ranging from PSLs and flavored drinks to seasonal goodies. But you may choose the food that is best for you by taking into account your zodiac sign. It's difficult to picture

a time before the fall season wasn't associated with pumpkin spice, but prior to Starbucks' introduction of the PSL 20 years ago,

the seasonal taste was only a condiment used on pies. Two decades later, and all of a sudden,

every delicacy, snack, and dessert has a pumpkin spice variation. If you adore fall, having so many alternatives to pick from is probably not a problem for you;

in fact, you could even find it enjoyable. But if you've never had pumpkin spice before or if you're in charge of dessert for Friendsgiving this year,

you might not know which treat to try first. Thankfully, there is a pumpkin offering that will delight your taste buds all season long,

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