Nailing It in Style 2023's Most Popular Nail Trends

The global nail polish market rose from $11.57 billion in 2022 to $12.96 billion in 2023. The ever-changing nail art trends are driving this boom.

The nail polish industry is estimated to reach $19.67 billion in 2027, driven by North American women workers.

Nail care is a common beauty routine. One of the quickest and least commitment ways to change one's appearance is nail design.

Nail fashion has advanced with various 2023 trends. Nail art styles express the wearer's personality.

Mauve, pink, and peach nail polish provide the appearance of facial blushing. 

A milky white lacquer is the base color for blush nails, which start at the center and branch outwards like a sheer ombré.

Chrome nails, which seem like mirrors, come in silver, bronze, purple, and blue. 

The complete nail or accent color looks good with these treatments.

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