Libra Sun Scorpio Rising: Personal Trainers, Athletes

This pairing brings Venus and Pluto together. Venus is the goddess of love Aphrodite in Greek mythology, and Pluto is the deity of the underworld Hades.

Hades is all about the sexual act, orgasm, darkness, destruction, and metamorphosis, whereas Aphrodite is all about love, light, and harmony.

While Scorpio is a Fixed feminine Water sign, Libra is a Cardinal, male Air sign. They naturally get along well and learn from one another when sitting next to one another on the Zodiac wheel.

Sensuality and passion are abundant traits of a Libra Sun Scorpio Ascendant. They frequently have appealing faces with well-defined features and lighter eyes, usually green or blue.

Black, various shades of blue, pastels, and white are colors that go well with them. They frequently have healthy bodies that are neither too skinny nor too fat.

These people frequently have a distant expression on their faces and a lot on their minds. They are your Libran, who is more sensitive and emotional.

These persons could be performers, politicians, therapists, authors, or philosophers. They are extremely competitive and innovative because Leo rules their 10th house of careers and Aries regulates their 6th house of daily work.

They might work with young teenagers as sexual educators, sexual therapists, or marriage counselors who emphasize the physical side of relationships.

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