Johnny Depp calls Hollywood a 'racket' as he unveils his secret quiet haven.

Johnny Depp called Hollywood a “racket” and decried its competition.

The 60-year-old ‘Ed Wood’ star said he only feels comfortable in his Bahamas hideaway because his popularity prevents him from visiting book stores.

The South China Morning Post asked where he feels most “himself” in the world.

He replied, “Well, that is an interesting question for me because obviously my life is a little bit different than other people’s,

in the sense that I long to go out into the world and experience stuff, see stuff, go to a store, bookstores.It doesn't work for me anymore.

Because it's an island and nobody's looking at me, the Bahamas is where I feel most myself and most normal.

"I think freedom is sitting on a beach, reading, painting, meditating, or whatever, away from the attention and curiosity of others. Only that gives true freedom.”

The speaker praised the cleaning effect of the ocean at his island home, describing the feeling of being free in the sea with the wind, sun, and shimmering waves.

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