International Cat Day: The World's Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Egyptian Maus are domestic cats and one of the oldest natural breeds. They are one of the most athletic cats

with black or silver shiny coats and striking “mau” markings. One of the most trainable cat breeds, they are intelligent, friendly, and loyal to their owners.

In case you have rat problems at home, their hunting skills are excellent. The price ranges from $900 to $1600 (Rs 75,000 to Rs 1,35,000.

This Russian domestic cat breed is called “Siberian”. They have beautiful, fluffy coats in black, white, red, and tabby. 

Cats display their affection with soft headbutts, purring, and spending time with their owners, unlike canines.

Scottish Fold cats cost more since they are rarer. One of the fluffiest cats, their folded ears give them a 'owl-like' appearance

They have short and long hair and a range of coat colors and patterns. They cost $800–$2000

This domestic cat breed is lively and playful and has a wild coat. They make beautiful pets with spots, rosettes, or marbled coats.

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