Injury to Aaron Rodgers; Manning Responds to Colin Kaepernick's Comeback

Recently on the 'Pat McAfee Show,' former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning weighed in on the rumors about a possible successor to Aaron Rodgers.

The NFL community is abuzz with predictions and potential following Rodgers' terrible injury against the Buffaloes this past Sunday.In his 16 years with the Giants

quarterback Eli Manning (nicknamed "Eazy E" in football circles) led them to two Super Bowl victories.

He has a unique view on Rodgers' future with the Jets because of their long-running rivalry.

Manning had a firm idea of who should fill Rodgers' shoes when McAfee pressed him on the subject.

The Jets would be better off if they could put their faith in an internal candidate. Manning is confident in the team's current quarterback, Zach Wilson

He emphasized the difficulties inherent in bringing in an outside player, such as the high learning curve involved in mastering the Jets' playbook and strategies

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been the subject of reports that he is considering a comeback to the NFL.

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