How Are Moon-Mercury Conjunctions All 12 Houses?

Do you sense like you are receiving an influx of good energy from within? Or have you been experiencing some strange sensations as of late? 

Before we can appreciate the interaction between the Moon and Mercury while they are in conjunction, we need to have a firm grasp on the characteristics that each body possesses on its own.

When the moon is strong, our emotional instincts and intuitive abilities are also powerful. 

You have a strong internal compass that directs you, and you feel things to a profound degree.

When two planets decide to remain in close proximity to one another for a predetermined amount of time, this is known as a conjunction. 

  When the Moon and Mercury are in harmony in the first house, it bestows the local with a charming and easygoing personality. 

When placed in the second house, the conjunction of the Moon and Mercury makes the native more attractive and improves their ability to communicate.

When the Moon and Mercury are in harmony in the third house, the native's physical appearance improves, making them more charming and attractive.

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