Denise Austin, 66, demonstrates the 'Best' Move for Toning the 'Whole Mid-Section'

Denise Austin showcases the benefits of an athletic lifestyle on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway and in striking “then and now” bikini images.

The 66-year-old fitness star revealed her secret to her toned abs in a new Instagram video.

Austin showed her favorite ab exercise for targeting “110%” of the core while wearing a bright yellow training gear on her pink yoga mat.

“If you have time for one exercise and want to target your entire core, do this one!!

"The bicycle move works your entire mid-section, including lower and upper abs, sides, and back!" she captioned the video.

“Begin with 30 seconds, doing more will increase your endurance…Try these today and feel it tomorrow!”

”Do you want to know the greatest ab workout for the lower tummy, front abs, and waistline? Do a bicycle, she urged in the video. It works 110% of abs. Go!”

Austin showed how by lying on a mat and lifting her back, shoulders, and legs.

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