Coco Gauff Declares Herself 'Ready' for the Highest Levels of Fame

After winning her first Grand Slam title at Arthur Ashe Stadium, Coco Gauff was quick to sport a sponsor's T-shirt declaring her status as a winner. And so it opens.

Since she was 15 and making it to the fourth round at Wimbledon, Gauff has been in the spotlight, but after winning the U.S. Open singles title on Saturday

appearance chances, business initiatives, investment offers, and invites to high-profile social gatherings.

Gauff has shown maturity beyond her years throughout her time in the spotlight

Before Gauff, Serena Williams was the only woman to do it since 2001. The early success, recognition, and money that young players have experienced in every sport has been overwhelming for many. 

It's possible that after winning their first championship, they'll become arrogant, lose their focus, or get too drunk.

So far, that has not been a problem for Gauff. Gauff's perspective, humor, and charm shone through when, after taking her $3 million check

 she casually praised Billie Jean King, who was there on stage, for advocating for equal pay for women.

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