Cancer to Scorpio: Which zodiac signs develop love and relationships best?

Relationships may be demanding and intense, especially after the first period of attraction has passed. A long-term relationship takes patience and ongoing respect for both the other and oneself.

To make relationships successful, both parties need to be accountable, devoted, and ever-evolving. These things do, however, develop over time.

While some couples navigate such trying circumstances with ease, others find it difficult to come to an agreement.

This sign is crab-ruled by the moon. It is the zodiac's most emotional sign. These indications are one of the greatest to fall in love with since they are calm, sensitive, proactive, and empathic.


The weighing scale symbolizes this cardinal air sign, ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Balance in personal and professional relationships is their goal. Librans are smart, gregarious, and friendly, yet they demand partner approval.


The last zodiac sign, this one is the most mature and wise in partnerships. Pisceans, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, are dreamy, flowing, artistic, and loving.


A brave, loyal, and protective lion, Leo represents all the strong emotions. They are possessive but giving partners who value fidelity. They treat their lovers royally and expect the same. Their life motto is go big or go home.


This emotionally mature scorpion sign is one of the most powerful because it can see through people. Pluto rules this water sign, which is mysterious. There are many assumptions and misconceptions about this sign.


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