Bodyarmor Sees 'Concerning' 10.6 Percent Drop in Sales 2 Years After Kobe Bryant's Estate Netted $400,000,000

Bodyarmor, now owned by Coca-Cola, took a big step by signing Kobe Bryant.

Kobe was the perfect brand face because to his hard effort and energy on the court.

After Coca-Cola bought 70% of the company in 2021, the Black Mamba's estate made $400,000,000.

Two years later, corporate revenues have reportedly declined. The Boardroom posted on Instagram that 2023 Bodyarmor sales are down 10.6%.

Kobe invested heavily in Bodyarmor in 2014. Bryant invested $6,000,000 in the company, believing it would succeed.

His prediction came true when Coca-Cola bought a 15% share in the company in 2018 and completed a full takeover in late 2021.

The same year, Kobe's brand investment yielded $400,000,000.The Boardroom recently posted about 2023's top sports drinks on social media.

Gatorade, Powerade, Electrolit, Prime, and Bodyarmor were among the largest names on the list.

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