America's Top 10 Dog Breeds by Number of Owners

America's 10 most popular dog breeds. You can skip our animal healthcare market study and go straight to the 5 most owned dog breeds in America.

We highlighted in one of our best dog food articles that pet ownership is rising worldwide and that pets have several health benefits for people. 

Pet ownership is fueling animal healthcare expansion. Many people consider pets family and invest in their health.

Thus, the veterinary healthcare market is developing, offering several chances for individuals and enterprises.

Analysis of the Growing Animal Healthcare Market Temporary lockdowns of manufacturing locations, export bands, 

and greater focus on COVID-19 treatments caused veterinary medicine shortages in various nations throughout the crisis. 

The pandemic hurt animal healthcare. Growing pet ownership and pet humanization have helped the market rebound quickly.

According to Global Market Insights, the animal healthcare market was worth $150.6 billion in 2022.

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