Aqua is a strong, vibrant, and futuristic color. This shade instantly transports you to summer, even in March, and is the perfect addition to your clothing and mood! 

The current trend: Lipgloss nails. Pink, peach, or nude glossy nails. Rubber Base Cover colors are great for this trend—base coats and colors in one! 

Chrome Nails are everywhere! Want some variation on this trend? Try Milky Chrome Nails! The finest of both worlds, hands down.

Start with Rubber Base Cover Soft Nude and finish with 346 Pleasant Pearl.

Pink is taking over the internet! We knew this for a while (what's in a name?). Barbiecore has influenced fashion trends in everything pink, from garments to gel nail polish.

Will you choose a neon 343 Sapphire Pink, 341 Watermelon Pink, or 270 Flori? Magenta is the year's beauty color. This color boosts confidence. The color of self-expression, optimism, and enjoyment. Every thing we back!

An vital nail recovery treatment. This nail-healthy recovery therapy keeps nails strong. It also prevents nail cracking and splitting.

Peel-off nail treatment overnight. Nail plate healing and strengthening as you sleep. Perfect for boosting nails before gel pai

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