$12,000,000, That's It Following Aaron Rodgers' Horrible Injury, an Update on the Meager Cost of Converting All Artificial Turfs to Grass Fields Angers NFL Fans

Aaron Rodgers' horrible week 1 injury, which might sideline him for the season, sparked an NFL discussion.

Should the league replace all artificial turfs with grass? A recent report on the low cost of converting all fields has shaken the NFL as fans continue to prefer grass.

Forbes stated that turning all fields to grass would cost $12,000,000.

While the price is big, it seems insignificant compared to a one-star athlete like Aaron Rodgers, who makes $75,000,000 for four snaps.

Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon in the Jets' season opener versus the Bills at MetLife Stadium.

The MetLife Stadium is one of 14 NFL stadiums with artificial surfaces.

Forbes said that switching to grass fields at all 14 locations with artificial turf would cost the NFL $12 million.

The NFL's 2023/24 income is expected to surpass $20 billion, making the investment in grass fields seem small.

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